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Online Business Management Degree

Welcome to the Online Business Management Degree Programs page. We are focused on bringing you the top Universities that offer the degree programs you are looking for. Look below to find the right school and degree program for you. Learning more about Online Business Management Degree Programs is the first step to advancing your career and furthering your education.
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University of Phoenix Online
All of our online degree programs have been developed in cooperation with business and industry leaders, which means you'll learn only the most current business methods and practices.

Bachelor of Science in Business / Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business / e-Business
Bachelor of Science in Business / Management
Bachelor of Science in Business / Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration in e-Business
Master of Business Administration in Global Management
Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management
Master of Business Administration/Human Resource Management
Master of Business Administration/Marketing
Master of Business Administration in Technology Management

Master of Arts in Organizational Management

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Colorado Technical University Online

Bachelor's (BSBA) - Management

This program equips students with the skills necessary to lead people and processes and grow healthy organizations. In addition to a business and technology foundation, students can gain essential business management competencies. Broad subject areas include human resource management, organizational behavior, marketing, and project risk management.

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Master's (MSM) - Business Management

This program will provide you with a wealth of technical expertise and business savvy from the enterprise perspective of an organization. The PMI-endorsed project management component provides a solid base of knowledge to address today's most pressing management challenges using industry-recognized models and techniques. These are essential skills for anyone wishing to become an effective business manager in Information Technology.

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DeVry University Online
Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration
Advanced computer technology is driving employers to look for graduates who can effectively apply technology to business strategy, management and decision-making.

You may select from nine majors*, including:
Sales and Marketing
Business Information Systems
Health Services Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Project Management
Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
DeVry also offers a Business Administration degree with a General Business Option.

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AIU Online
The Business Administration degree programs are designed with a unique blend of courses that prepares you to enter today's demanding business world. The broad base of fundamental business courses and general education requirements fosters critical thinking and communication skills, providing you with real-world skills.

Specializations are offered in:
Healthcare Management
Human Resources

American InterContinental University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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Capella University

BS in Business
General Program
Specialization in Management and Leadership
Specialization in Human Resource Management
Specialization in Marketing and Sales
Specialization in E-Business

Masters in Business Administration
Shaped with input from leading corporations, our MBA program is designed to provide practical expertise-beyond what a traditional MBA delivers.

MS in Organization & Management
MS in Organization and Management General Program
Specialization in Human Resource Management
Specialization in Information Technology Management
Specialization in Leadership

PhD in Organization & Management
PhD in Organization and Management General Program
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management

Explore the theoretical foundations behind the science of organization and management and leverage the freedom to pursue doctoral research in the subject area that interests you.

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Walden University
Obtain the key to a successful business or management career with a Management degree. Learn how the business world operates and how to manage it with programs such as leadership and team building, product management, organizational structure, finance and accounting, marketing, and operations management.

Walden University offers the following management degrees and specializations:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Systems
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
  • Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences
  • Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration

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Keiser College

Business Administration
Bachelor - The Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration provides instruction in business skills. With this program students have the opportunity to combine expertise in liberal arts and other academic disciplines with functional business applications, in order to create a dynamic skill set that is in demand with employers. The rapid changes in technology and global socioeconomics are quickly expanding the world of business, and the career opportunities spawned by these changes are growing. As a business student, you will acquire strong analytical and communication skills, a thorough understanding of business principles and a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship. The curriculum will include courses in office technology, accounting, business mathematics, computer applications, human resources, and business law.

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Berkeley College

Business Administration
This program balances academic preparation, professional training, and hands-on experience. Learn creative problem solving, team building, presentation skills, cultural diversity, cross-cultural communication, forecasting, strategic planning, the Internet, and computer applications widely used in today's professional environment.

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Thomson Education Direct
An education in business will provide you with the skills you need to be an integral part of any organization, large or small. Get FREE information on any of these programs:
  • Business Management/Finance Option
  • Small Business Owner
  • Business Management
  • Home Inspector

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Norwich University

Master of Business Administration
This MBA program boasts one of the highest retention rates in the nation, owing to its fine faculty, great students, and engaging, dynamic, customized, and relevant curriculum.

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Kennedy-Western University

Kennedy-Western University is a licensed post secondary institution pursuant to the State of Wyoming Private Schools Licensing Act W.S. 21-2-401 through 21-2-407. Therefore, Kennedy-Western's degree programs are recognized within business and industry.

Business Administration

Bachelor of Science - The Bachelor of Science program in Business Administration at Kennedy-Western University offers students the basic practical considerations and applications of the discipline in topical areas chosen to enhance capabilities and improve career potential. Courses include Introduction to Business, Corporate Communications, Management Principles, Organization and Behavior, and Business and Economic Statistics.

Master of Science - The Master of Science program in Business Administration at Kennedy-Western University offers a similar exposure to those mid-career professionals with a firm grasp of business fundamentals, who wish to advance themselves in their current work, transition to a new challenge, or simply increase their knowledge in the area of business administration. Courses include Business Communications, Principles of Leadership, Management Science and Strategic Business Policy Essentials.

Doctorate - The Doctorate program in Business Administration at Kennedy-Western University builds upon the content laid down in the Master's program while providing considerably more in-depth exposure, orienting itself toward those students with senior management potential. Courses include Management of Business and Public Organizations, Business/Management Information Systems, Project and Systems Management, and Legal and Ethical Environments of Business.

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University Alliance
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Associate of Arts in Business or Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Specializing in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Specializing in Management
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Specializing in Healthcare Management
Associate of Arts in Business or Liberal Arts
Master's of Business Administration
Master's of Business Administration: Specializing in Healthcare Management

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Ellis College
A prestigious online M.B.A. program developed in association with Columbia Business School, Stanford University, The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Carnegie Mellon, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Management Information Systems - Bachelor's Degree
Business Administration - Bachelor's Degree, MBA

Whether you want to manage technology or take a more traditional business path, ACCIS offers the training you need to succeed in the working world. Earn your Bachelor's Degree in MIS or Business Administration, or move into senior management with our new MBA program.

  • Combine your interest in technology with your management goals
  • Develop analytical and interpersonal skills, and use them in real-world problem-solving
  • Gain advanced tech and business knowledge to increase your company's competitive advantage

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American Graduate School of Management @ Lansbridge University
You know how tough it is out there. Those with an MBA have a clear advantage and earn more money. Set your career apart with the Executive MBA and Master of Management dual degree or the Early Advantage MBA degree. These are the most flexible and affordable online graduate degrees available today.
  • Tuition is only a fraction of what many traditional MBA programs cost.
  • Study when and where you want with a program designed specifically for the Web.
  • Participate in an online experience that offers complete flexibility.

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ITT Technical Institute 

An on-line education can offer opportunities for students to pursue their educational objectives when attending school in a traditional classroom is not practical. With ITT Tech's on-line education programs, a quality education is now available when and where it is convenient for the student.

The ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana now offers two on-line programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, and one that leads to a Master of Business Administration degree.

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University of Liverpool

Master of Business Administration
The MBA has long been the degree of choice for senior management in all fields and in all industries. Our programme recognises the impact of IT issues throughout all areas of the world economy.

It is therefore designed as much for the IT professional and those working in diverse areas within IT companies (e.g. marketing, human resources, general management etc), as it is for the non-IT generalist who recognises the importance of IT for the future of global business as a whole.

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Jones International University

Bachelor in Business Administration
The JIU Bachelor in Business Administration program is ideal for individuals looking to enter or accelerate their careers in the world of global or e-business administration. The curriculum will provide a strong base in the fundamentals of leadership and management. All courses stress the application of current administration, management, and technical solutions to business problems.

Choose from 3 specializations:

  • B.B.A. in Corporate Finance
  • B.B.A. in Information Technology Management
  • B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship
  • B.B.A. in e-Commerce
  • B.B.A. Generalist

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Bachelor in Business Communication
JIU’s three Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication Degree Completion Programs are designed to build your knowledge and skills for conducting business in the global marketplace. JIU’s courses are designed by leaders in the fields of business, telecommunications, team training, and communications.

  • B.A. in Business Communication in Applied Telecommunications
  • B.A. in Business Communication in International Marketing
  • B.A. in Business Communication in Communication Management

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Master of Business Administration
As a student in our online MBA program, you’ll explore critical business processes, design real-life projects and collaborate with other students. JIU offers eight Master of Business Administration programs.

  • Global Enterprise Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology Management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Project Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Finance

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Master of Arts in Business Communication
Explores a broad range of topics important to business leaders, such as interpersonal and intercultural communication, organizational management, technological expertise, business acumen, and leadership. As a student in the Master’s program in Business Communication, you can choose from three specializations:

  • Communication Studies
  • Communication Technology
  • Leadership and Influence

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Aspen University
Master of Business Administration
Build your skills in leadership, management, decision-making, team dynamics, and communication through a comprehensive overview and hands-on application of essential business concepts.

MBA in Project Management
Become an expert in project management and gain a leadership role in the project-based organizational model that so many corporations are adopting.

MBA in Information Management
Get a strong understanding of essential business principles and technical topics, such as technology integration and eBusiness strategies.

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Golden Gate University

Business Administration
(Executive MBA, MBA, BBA)
Prepare for a career in accounting, marketing, human resources, and more with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration.

  • Understand how technology and current marketplace changes effect business
  • Learn practical applications of business concepts and theories
  • Achieve the fundamental teamwork and collaboration skills to succeed in business

International Business
(BBA concentration, MBA concentration, Undergraduate Certificate)
Take advantage of marketplace globalization and the strong demand for internationally oriented managers.

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Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

Master of Business Administration
In Keller's flagship Master of Business Administration program you'll learn solid management concepts you can use immediately. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills and concepts that businesses demand from today's management professionals. Our wide selection of electives lets you customize this 16-course program to suit your personal and professional interests. Concentrations are available in diverse disciplines.

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We hope you liked the above list of Online Business Management Degree Programs.

University of Phoenix Online
Bachelor of Science in Business
Master of Business Administration
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DeVry University Online
Bachelor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
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University Alliance
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
Master of Business Administration
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